Diesel Pump Test Bench XBD-619D


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Diesel Pump Test Bench XBD-619D
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Color :  Green (Yellow or Blue)
Place of Origin :  Shandong China
Brand Name :  xinbaodi
Model :  XBD-619D
Minimum Order Quantity :  1 Set
Package :  Fumigation-free Wooden Case
Delivery Time :  7 days
Payment Terms :  T/T, L/C
Supply Ability:  1000 sets/month

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench XBD-619D

I The main features of test bench:
1 The test bench control and display system use industrial control computer and monolithic computer MCS51 double system ,complete independent control ,open the window under the operation panel  , you can start the digital display function who is the standby control system
2 The host machine frequency conversion speed regulation. The regulation speed is about 4000 rotation speed /min
3 Oil metering counting. Main principal axis rotation speed, toothed bar stroke, in advance angle use 4 screen display and digital display
4 The oil temperature, air pressure use 3 screen display and digital display
5 The manual speed regulation and rotate speed multi –gear advance setting
6 0-0.25Mpa air supply output , built-in type blast pump
7 It has DC12V and DC24V stable power output
8 The host machine is channel steel structure; the complete structure is compact and steady
9 the shell use static painting, it is beautiful
10 The oil sump tank can realize right and left rotation, and also up and down regulation
11 The test bench has urgent brake switch
12 It adopts advanced frequency conversion governor, with high precision rotate speed 
13 The test bench has under voltage, over pressure, super heating and over loading protection function
14 The test bench has very low noise
15 The test bench has high mechanical efficiency and save energy

II The usage of the Diesel fuel Injection Pump test bench
According to the different pump. The test bench use proper attachment, and carry out the following debugging
1 Test different cylinder oil supply condition quantity and oil supply evenness under different rotation speed
2 Test oil supply starting point and interval angle
3 Governor working performance checking and regulation
4 The pressure compensation performance test and checking
5 The distribution pump working performance test and regulations
6 The cold starting device and solenoid valve performance checking
7 The distribution pump oil return test under different rotation speed (optional)
8 The distribution pump inner pressure test under different rotation speed  
9 The injection pump seal performance test
10 Check the oil transfer pump self priming performance
11 Save, amend oil injection pump debugging date and form database 
12 The commons diesel injection pump debugging data quick inquiry
13 The oil pump speed governing curve create automatically and CRT end display
14 The built-in high reliability horizontal type inflation pump
15 Three “T” type working bench, wide location bracket, with steady running
16 The attached too box ,the service tool and special tool is conveniently taken!
III The main technical data of pump test bench
1 The principle axis rotation speed: 0-4000r/min. the two directions are optional
2 It can test oil injection pump cylinders is 12
3 The principle axis rotation speed fluctuate: ±1r/min
4 The host machine power : 5.5KW 、7.5KW、11KW、15KW、18.5KW、22KW。
5 The oil supply drive motor power: 1.1KW
6 Principle axis center to center spacing working bench height : 125mm
7 The oil metering counting : 0-1000 times , one gear per 50 times
8 Rotation speed .counting, toothed bar stroke, in advance angle: four digital display
9 The pressure, oil temperature display : three digital display
10 The oil temperature automatic control : 40℃±2℃
11 Gas source pressure: 0-0.25Mpa
12 The oil tank volume : ≥ 40L
13 The oil pump oil supply : ≥ 10L/Min
14 The oil filter precision : 5μ
15 The glass measuring cylinder volume:
Big measuring cylinder: 150ml
Small measuring cylinder: 45ml
16 The oil pressure meter 1.5 grade : 0-0.6Mpa;0-6Mpa;0-0.16Mpa;0-1.6Mpa。
17 The standard injector: ZS12SJI
18 Cooling method: forced wind cooling
19 Test bench overall dimension (mm): 2300×1160×1780
20Test bench weight: 1200Kg.

We can produce other models according to your specific requirements.



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