Atomization Test Bench XBD-PQWS


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Atomization Test Bench XBD-PQWS
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Color :  Blue or Required
Place of Origin :  Shandong China
Brand Name :  xinbaodi
Model :  XBD-PQWS
Minimum Order Quantity :  1 Set
Package :  Fumigation-free Wooden Case
Delivery Time :  7days
Payment Terms :  T/T
Supply Ability:  1000 sets/month

Atomization Test Bench

Product Name Atomization Injector Test Bench Atomization Nozzle Test Bench
Specifications Model XBD-PQWS XBD-PZWS
Features Test Injector, Nozzles.
Spray test test-bench jet speed and open  pressure adjustable.
Equipped with smart meters, automatic digital display opening pressure can be manually timed. 
Test-bench pressure 0-36Mpa adjustable and the pressure within the stable.
Test-bench with a hand-pump pressurization test device, the main dynamic set by law and pressurized cleaning.
Technical parameters Accumulator cylinder volume: 600 cm3
Motor 4, 2.2KW-4KW (small in high-power)
Fuel tank capacity: 60 liters Pressure Gauge Range 0-60Mpa, accuracy of 1.6 grades.
Intelligent instruments using pressure sensors; with a speed of digital instrument.
Pressure sensor is less than 0.5% of pressure range 0-40MPa
Overall dimensions mm 1200×770×1300   1150×650×1350
Weight Kg 800 550
Note Frequency
Manual Clamping
Pneumatic clamping
Large, small and medium-power


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